About Development Labs LLC.

The partners of Developments Labs LLC.

Development Labs LLC is a Virtual Software Development company headquartered in San Diego, California.

The founder and principle developer of the company, Alex Stoneham is a forward positive thinker and loves the idea of capturing a business model or a venture into software.

Alex Stoneham has more than 18 years of knowledge, professional experience and love for software development.

Services Development Labs LLC provide

Development Labs provides high quality expert software development services and implement solutions for ventures in the following areas:

Software Development
Java, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript (ES6 Node.js/React)
Android Mobile Application Development
Native Java Android Development using the Android SDK
Web Application Development
Spring Boot, Rails, Custom Stacks and API development
Web development
Database Administration
Building images, managing repos, working with containers
DevOps Engineering
C.I., Cloud development with AWS,  High throughput multifaceted online applications

Development Labs for your venture’s software solutions

  • Alex works on the project with the client, delivering features in iterations.
  • Development Labs believes in the use of the best tools and practices to development your project.
  • Alex will often use an IDE to develop your software.
  • Development Labs uses a tracker like Asana and a repository like GitHub to set up issue tracking and source code management for your project.
  • Development Labs will set up Testing and Deployment Pipeline solution for your application if needed.
  • Alex has extensive experience development on AWS, GoDaddy and Rackspace for your applications networking Infrastructure.
  • Alex has solid experience in Databases including Postgres, Mysql and Firebase.
  • To reduce the QA cycles Development Labs authors tests for our software per feature as it’s released.